Monday, May 29, 2006

You hot bitch.

Party up in Melbourne!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

even the doc needed some help

Friday, May 19, 2006

Half shelled heroes

It would be funny if they were full-shelled heroes. You couldn't tell back to front.

Keep making that face and it'll stay like that!!

Shoulda listened to mum.

Stretchin is a bitch, eh.


Oh no! My lower torso is non-existent! and so is my other arm! And my hand! Shitlockers! Ah well, at least my torso is in fine, fine shape. Aye.

He just bought over a moto GP stable. Rich bastard... stop gambling already

What it says.. Mikey... sorry about the mug, this was done when I was like....16 or something. When I could actually be be bothered sittin round and shading in everything to precision with a .5 pacer. Before my knee blew up and I got bitter with the world and decided to self-implode and take it out on anything edible around me. When I was an EVEN bigger dork than I am now, with almost no frikkin personality. When I was young.

Holdin On To What's Golden

Done in like... 2004 or somethin, but its an oldie goldie. Sharul, Kav & Moi on some ill starbuck's mad chillin collabo

Oh. By the way, it's spelt KAV not KALVE like the crap between your ankle and your knee, Marul.

Fka Fka Freeessssshhh!

These were meant to be used for something else, got paid for em, they didn't use em --> fuckem.

Clowns scare the shit outta me.

This is probably why.


I've got a few wolverine pics that I've explored to varying degrees... this is probably at its simplest.


Mmmmmm flowy luscious long-locked goodness sitting on (insert whatever). Yup

King Of The Mufuggin Jungle

What a legend. Ah well. The next one in line for greatness just self-destructed. At least Block Party will be good.

3 Headed Splodge Of Doom

Sounds like my fuckin life


Tryin to vectorise stuff without illustrator or whatever... black on white.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Self Titled

Rather poignant, don't you think.

Jose Gonzales - Teardrop cover

Check it. know.

So Andy, Jamie & I checked it out. It was alright.

Maybe one more.


I'd like to properly vector it up in illustrator but.....fuck it.

Sharul - vectorise it up for me, howbourrit?

And... the last one for today.

How's this for a tee.... done for my industrial design graduate exhibition at the end of the year for some fundraisin

*"I can't copic anymore" - industrial design-geek in-joke. Laugh.*

And another one...

Some older stuff, but tasty nonetheless. LINGUIST!!!!!!

Numero Poner Una Nota Uno

First postage.... why have an online, non-funded ( and therefore non-payed), and completely free exhibition of my awesome stuff? Cos I'm not getting paid otherwise for em. Well, not much anyway.

*"Another artsy-fartsy fuckin blog, whatever," you say. Well, whatever. I rule. Oh, Marool, you're damn good at what you do and seriously inspire me more than you think you do.*

Enjoy now, wank later.